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Shinmei USA is looking for opportunities to expand rice consumption in the U.S. amidst the drastic decline in rice consumption in Japan. Shinmei USA has been promoting Japanese rice at Japanese supermarkets and promoting the high quality of Japanese rice at its Japanese restaurant, Wadatsumi. As recognition of the high quality of Japanese rice deepens, we are expanding our sales channels to the food service industry, including major hotel chains in Las Vegas. Shinmei USA will continue to take on the challenge of the U.S. rice market, which still has a lot of room for growth.
At the same time, Shinmei USA is actively engaged in contract farming with major suppliers and large producers in California, and exporting California rice to Japan at low prices but with stable quality.


In August 2015, we completed construction of a plant in West Sacramento, California, and began supplying Asian-style frozen products to the U.S. market. While bread, pasta, and cereals are the mainstay of the food culture in Western countries, rice has recently been attracting attention due to growing health consciousness, gluten-free foods, and the registration of Japanese food as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, and market demand is increasing every year. The Shinmei Group is working on this project to expand the culture of eating rice to the rest of the world by taking advantage of its expertise in rice procurement, quality control, rice milling and rice cooking technologies that it has cultivated over the years.

Chengdu Rongcheng Foodstuff Company Limited (February 2012-)
Shanghai Branch of Chengdu Rongcheng Foodstuffs Co.

In China, based in Chengdu, we cultivate rice under Japanese cultivation management methods and strict standards, and provide high quality and delicious rice by utilizing the rice milling technology we have cultivated over the years.
In China, which is currently experiencing remarkable development and is diversifying its diet, we are striving to contribute to healthy dietary habits by promoting the Japanese food culture with a focus on rice.

SHINMEI Asia Limited

Shinmei Asia is based in Hong Kong and has been developing its food business throughout Southeast Asia. We contribute to the development of Japanese food and rice-eating culture by providing world-class quality Japanese rice as well as Vietnamese and Chinese rice to meet the needs of our customers. In addition to rice, the Group also handles fruit and vegetables and marine products, building a food value chain with a wide range of products.

Pursuing Safe, Reliable, and Delicious Rice

With bases located throughout Japan,
we aim to manufacture stable products that are safe, reliable, and of high quality.

We are proud to deliver delicious rice from
all over Japan to countries around the world.

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